A subscription makes your food shopping and thinking really easy, because it ensures we do it for you on a regular basis. You can have boxes delivered weekly or fortnightly and the boxes will include a generous amount of fresh produce, not just what’s required for the recipes. So if a recipe calls for broccoli, you’ll get a head of broccoli ( a small one if there’s only one of you!), as well as ideas on how to use the rest of it later in the week.

If you’re heading away or you add an extra person to your household or some other change happens in your life, we can amend or suspend your subscription with no drama whatsoever.

And if your dietary requirements change, that’s easy to accomodate too.

A subscription simplifies things for you and for us; it’s one thing off the To-Do list every week (or fortnight).

Simply head over to the contact page, let us know you'd like a Locavore Boxes subscription and make sure you include details of your household, food preferences and restrictions.

Make sure you include your address (so we can deliver to the right house), your phone number (so we can confirm delivery time) and email address (so we can let you know about special things on offer, such as tamarillos).

Let us know how often you’d like to receive a box - you can change this if need be once you’re in the swing of things.

NB - delivery beyond 10km from the Dunedin CBD incurs a delivery charge of $10.