The Locavore Boxes story...

We have a long history of sharing food - with children’s flats, friends who visit, total strangers sometimes! As our fruit trees and vegetable gardens get more established we have more to share, while at the same time children have moved away and friends and strangers alike avoid us, just in case. (Just kidding about the avoiding).

So we’re combining this produce with great fresh produce and foodstuffs from other local growers and suppliers, to bring you a box full of fresh plant-based food and food thinking to go with it: recipes that will have your dinner on the table in about half an hour, full of flavour and fresh veg goodness.

Because we are who we are and a happy accident of microclimates we grow some unexpected things –tamarillos, feijoas, chilean guava, tomatillos, cape gooseberries, yakon, kiwiberries. You never quite know what will turn up in your box (unless you’ve told us you don’t eat tamarillos for example. Then you can be sure there will be no tamarillos. Promise.)