We do grow a lot of random things at our place - they seem to be our speciality! At the moment we have myoga ginger and kiwi berries developing; the last tamarillos are hanging outside my window, and the next season's Mashua is climbing its way up an old apple tree.... 

But there are many people better at growing than us, we're happy to acknowledge that and call on their skills...

We have great vegetables from Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics, Vern Paddock Project , Caithness Farm and from Oamaru Organics. There will soon be fruit coming from Hobbs family Partnership, and Kakanui Produce  is back on deck with cucumbers, courgettes , and soon tomatoes, chilli, eggplants and capsicums.


The Vern Paddock Project is just up the hill from us, and they grow Microgreens, sprouts and other leafy greens - thanks guys! Vern Paddock Project is part of Mihiwaka Organics, and they also create herbal teas. 

Roastery Door is a small coffee roastery in South Dunedin. They supply coffee for the boxes, sourcing PNG fair trade and organic coffee, fair trade coffee from Colombia, Yirgacheffe and Brazilian beans as well. 

We have a local beekeeper who provides honey in glass jars for us - clover/wildflower blend, and a wildflower and Manuka honey too. The bush honey (600ml in a compostable cardboard tub), and it is super tasty!... thanks B L Beekeeping!

 Gilberts Fine Food supplies us with beautiful bread, and it's often still warm as we pack it into boxes... YUM

Rosedale Orchard also supplies us with fruit, garlic and pumpkins, and very soon fresh corn. Looking forward to that!