Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit


We’ll find you fresh seasonal locally grown fruit and bring you a kilo of it. We have a young orchard (with some unnexpected successes, like tamarillos and cape gooseberries, chilean guava and kiwiberries) so some of this fruit will be from our place, some from elsewhere. The season for citrus fruit runs through until the end of the year and we have connection with a small farm just out of Gisborne - not exactly local, but still a small independent grower, and fresh fruit arriving only a few days after it’s left the tree on the East Coast. That could be in your box of food too.

Currently available fruit:

  • Apples -  new season's apples from Central Otago and from our place. 
  • Pears
  • Plums
  • stone fruit - still late apricots available!
  • coming soon - kiwi berries and chilean guava. Yum.