We’ll find you fresh seasonal locally grown fruit and bring you a kilo of it. We have a young orchard (with some unnexpected successes, like tamarillos and cape gooseberries, chilean guava and kiwiberries) so some of this fruit will be from our place, most from elsewhere.

In the interests of supporting local growers a lot of the fruit comes from Rosedale Orchard. At this time of year in the south the varieties turn from stone fruit to pip fruit. In a couple of months we'll have those fabulous citrus fruit from Gisborne, courtesy of a friend's direct connect with an independent orchard up there, until then, we have thew following :

  • Apples - Cox's orange, Pacific Beauty
  • Pears- Belle de Jumet, Doyenne de Comice
  • Plums - Omega
  • Peaches - Blackboy