Free range eggs

Free range eggs


At this time of the year the hens get bit frayed and frumpy looking. They like 12 hours of light to make eggs and that’s ALL we got today. It will get less and less...So while we do still have some eggs we don’t have a lot. I’m sorry!

We started out with some Light Sussex, some Brown Leghorn, Araucana, White Leghorn, Australorp... now we have a multi-coloured random assortment who mostly roost in the macrocarpa trees. There is also a very orderly bunch of hylines who live up the hill and sleep where they're supposed to - in the house provided.

All of this results in a rainbow of eggs, as you can see.

In keeping with how we do things, we also have friends who have happy free range hens and if we run out of eggs they sometimes have spares, but not many!