Gilbert's Fine Food - Bread

Gilbert's Fine Food - Bread


 Gilbert's bread is available in Locavore Boxes. We'll feature a few different breads here for on-line purchase, but if you have a favourite you want to add in just let us know via our contact form and we can make that happen.

They also have a wide range of Gluten Free breads and tasty things

Gilbert's website is here:

 Allergen notes - The Gluten Free breads all contain soy, and the Gluten Free seed loaf also has sesame seeds

The standard breads and pastries all have wheat and therefore gluten. The breads are otherwise free of common allergens. The bagels and bretzel contain dairy, and the "everything sprinkle" on bagels has sesame seeds. The danishes also contain dairy.

We pack the breads in a separate area on a Saturday morning and add them to boxes at the end, to lessen the risk of Gluten getting where it would be unwelcome...