a jingle jangle of Christmas recipes for 2023

a jingle jangle of Christmas recipes for 2023

By Rose Newburn

a jingle jangle of Christmas recipes for 2023

I have a lot of options in here, because some of these are salads and side dishes rather than the main event. As ever, choose THREE and we'll stack the bag with ingredients for those; but if you'd like copies of other recipes I'm happy to email those through to you. They'll roll through in the usual order: vegan then vegetarian then omnivore...

This colourful salad has cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes and basil shredded through - also some capers, garlic, dijon mustard, a bit of a chilli hit... the Cannelini Beans with Tomato is vegan, DF and GF

We did use this one recently and it is so Festive looking; pomegranate is a paticularly celebratory ingredient I reckon and this is such a great flavourful salad so I've included it here for your dining pleasure! Quinoa, flaked almonds, pomegranate, dried apricots, mint... is a very good thing. Also one of those things you can make ahead and the flavours will just get better... The Jewelled Quinoa is vegan, DF and GF

Watermelon and cucumber salad with shaved fennel and a fresh pickle of red onion, mint and fennel fronds... I did break some soft goats cheese over this when I ate it but is equally good without. (Let me know if you want goat's cheese). This one is vegan, DF and GF and stunning (And easy!)

Again this recipe featured in the list a few weeks back and I thought "you know, actually..." so here it is again. Make the crumb salsa ahead, you can sauté those slices of portobello on the barbeque and it's all done. Easy. The portobello mushrooms with breadcrumb salsa is Vegan, Df and GF (depending on the bread you crumble)

I was delighted to discover Gluten free flaky pastry at the supermarket this year! This mushroom and spinach strudel is super easy to make with bought flaky or puff pastry (I come from a family that made its own but I DO NOT) and it looks impressive while not actually being burdensome to make. If you have children of suitable age, get them to do the plait... the strudel is vegan, DF and GF

I made this crinkle pie mid-year - made it with pear and blue cheese and it was sensational, but I forgot to take a photo! (I've been saving this recipe for Christmas since then). If you look closely you can see I've done different combos at each end: one has slices of nectarine and discs of Goat's cheese, the other has slices of fresh tomato and parmesan. The actual recipe had brie and fresh figs... So this is scrunched up filo pastry with a rich savoury custard made with cream and eggs, and then the desired fruit/cheese combo slotted into the pleats of pastry, and a sprinkle of fresh thyme, and quite a lot of melted butter just poured over. I've cut the butter to 2/3, and it is better... The Crinkle Pie is vegetarian, and that's all. Oh, also show-stopping and delicious. 

This one feels extravagant  - a leg of lamb and half a bottle of Amontadillo sherry! But it sounded so good - also it's a really slow cook and I wondered if I could actually do it in the slow cooker. Answer: yes I did, but I think you'd get a better result in the oven. (If you're short on oven space though, this DOES work in the crockpot). Rather than the usual thing of slicing garlic cloves in half and poking them into slots cut in the meat, you actually make a loose paste with the garlic, some salt, thyme and olive oil: Blitz those together, and then pour that mix into the cuts through the meat, and plaster the rest over the surface. New season's carrots and new potatoes retain their shape and become meltingly tender... The roast leg of lamb with sherry is also DF and GF, absolutely delicious and a set-and-forget option.

If you're only cooking for a few people, then a smaller cut of lamb will still be festive and fabulous! We had these Lamb chops with mojo verde in the recipe round a few weeks ago and they look so festive I thought I'd include them here. It's a quick cook: roasted onion wedges and slices of red pepper, lamb marinaded with olive oil and cumin... and our favourite Russian doll construction: Do the first thing, then while that's happening do the next thing, then... This recipe is also DF and GF

One of the things that's really good about the Chicken roasted with za'atar and lemon, is that if you have heaps of people you can roast up a whole bird or two, but if there's just a small number you can use the same recipe for chicken pieces... the spice mix has sumac, allspice, cinnamon and za'atar so it's very aromatic, and then the lemon slices give it zing, toasted pine nuts make it a bit elegant as well...  this recipe is also DF and GF!

So there you go - I hope you find options in there to make your holiday feasts a joy to make as well as a joy to eat... 


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