Ethical tomatoes?

By Locavore NZ Admin

Sometimes in winter we've included tinned tomatoes for recipes in the Locavore Boxes, for convenience. We had a small stash of very tasty tomato puree in jars, but when we were bottling the tomatoes we were not anticipating Locavore Boxes and the volume that might be required! 

Recently one of our customers pointed out the terrible working and living conditions of many agricultural workers in Italy - this is the reason some tinned tomatoes are very cheap. She had read this article in the Guardian  and so did I.

So now we are thinking more carefully about the produce we include in the Boxes. Last week's chickpeas? Certified organic, which apparently includes specific requirements on workers' conditions of employment. 

What I really like about this, is the contribution our customers are making to Locavore Boxes, to make what we do more ethical not just in terms of local suppliers but also those other items we may include now and then.

So there you go, ethical tomatoes. And chickpeas.


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