Matariki weekend recipes: from 29-06

Matariki weekend recipes: from 29-06

By Rose Newburn

Matariki weekend recipes: from 29-06

We have a couple of cauliflower recipes this week - makes good use of the veg! In this one, the cauliflower is cut into fingers to masquerade as pasta... There's a mushroom and kidney bean mix over the top with garlic, red onion, tomato paste, and flatleaf, then a grating of parmesan or pecorino... Bean and mushroom with cauliflower pasta is vegan, dairy and gluten free.

This is the second cauliflower recipe: Corn and Cauliflower soup has potato and lime, some broccoli, flatleaf and creamed corn. It's a fresh-flavoured soup with plenty of substance and an elegant texture! It's also vegan, dairy and gluten free (That dollop of yoghurt is entirely optional...)

The chickpeas for this recipe are soaked but not cooked before you use them - get that happening a couple of hours beforehand. There's a pile of fresh herbs, and some Middle Eastern spices. The chickpea fritters with tomato salsa are vegan, dairy and gluten free.

This next one still needs a photo i'm sorry! It's a Lentil and walnut loaf - it has breadcrumbs, but these can be made from GF bread. It does have egg, so it's vegetarian rather than vegan, but it can be dairy and gluten free. (Just sub non-dairy spread for the butter in the recipe...) The loaf is great hot with roast veg or whatever, and any leftovers are great sliced into sandwiches.


This is an Asian spin on Chicken soup - a chicken rice porridge that is deeply comforting but not at all stodgy or plain... also the name is fun: Dakjuk. There are plenty of veg in here so it works as a complete meal... and so tasty! Also dairy and gluten free...

It seems remarkable to me that we have such great radishes at the moment, so i thought i would use them for this salad - Crispy skinned salmon and radish salad. The cucumber is a bit out of season (sorry...) but otherwise everything is here! You could team this one with crispy wedges of potato or roast kumara, or flatbread (or tortilla!). The Salad is dairy and gluten free. 

That's it - just one more week of the school term to go...


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