This week's recipes - 15th of June

This week's recipes - 15th of June

By Rose Newburn

This week's recipes - 15th of June

Crushed potatoes with adzuki beans - this will take you about 45 minutes, has loads of flavour and great texture. Adzuki beans are small, don't require soaking (although if you have time it's useful) and have less carbohydrate than other beans... the bean sauce has mushrooms, tomato paste and flatleaf parsley as well as a fine grating of parmesan or pecorino - you can skip this if you wish, to make the meal vegan. It can also be dairy(Omit cheese, or use pecorino) and gluten free.

The splok of plain yoghurt on top is entirely optional. Otherwise the pumpkin and red lentil Dhal is dairy free - also vegan and gluten free.  There's a hearty mix of spices (turmeric, coriander, cumin) garlic, onion and ginger, some fresh chilli - at your discretion - and coriander leaf. So yes, Vegan, Dairy and gluten free...

This is two recipes at once, because each of them is only a side dish really, but they're both really good. Fortunately they go together really well, and you could add flatbread or rice for a more complete meal. So you have roasted carrot and cabbage with gochujang (A Korean fermented pepper paste), and sweet and sour leeks. These take the same length of time to cook which is neat and tidy. These two are both vegan, also dairy and gluten free.

A bit of a twist on the usual leek and potato soup, this one has fennel as well - the popped capers on top give each mouthful added crisp and zing... The leek potato and fennel soup is super simple to make, and the flavours are subtle and a bit elegant. The popped capers are fun, and a great finish! This soup is vegan, dairy and gluten free - unless you want a dollop of something creamy under the capers.

Smoked fish pie is one of my absolute favourite winter comfort foods. The smoked fish is poached in milk which then goes into the sauce, but any non-dairy mylk will work well as a substitute. There's a stack of vegetables hiding under the potato top - which is made with egg rather than milk, so it goes crispier and fluffier...  so the smoked fish pie is easy to make dairy and gluten free and only takes about 3/4 of an hour from start to eating. 

If you can find chicken pieces with the skin on, use those for this recipe - the flavours (Smoked paprika and coconut sugar) are spread on the outside of the chicken pieces, then they're drizzled with lemon juice and set aside for a while as you do some other bits. There are cannelini beans, chorizo, tomatoes and garlic in here and this is a dish you can put in the slow cooker while you're out for the day - or cook it slowly once you're home (1 1/2 hours or so at 150deg). The actual hands-on work doesn't take long at all... The slow-cooked spanish chicken can be dairy and gluten free.



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