Comfort food for the first week of Autumn!

Comfort food for the first week of Autumn!

By Rose Newburn

Comfort food for the first week of Autumn!

This dhal is made form the split insides of mung beans - moong dal. It makes for a creamy quick comforting meal - has cherry tomatoes, turmeric, garlic and ginger, and then a tarka (a quick fry of cumin and mustard seeds with fresh cury leaves and finely copped green chilli) stirred in at the end. You could make this interactive food by placing the tarka on top and letting people stir their own... The Moong Dhal is vegan, dairy and gluten free.

We'll have the first pumpkins for the season in boxes this week, so here's a celebration of autumnal golden deliciousness - Honey and Soy roasted pumpkin and tofu.  There's ginger and garlic, chilli flakes, spring onion, sesame seeds... the tofu roasts to a golden crispy tender thing. There's a lot going on! This one is also Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free.

Gnocchi are NOT gluten free i'm sorry. I'm going to recommend buying pre-made gnocchi, but if you wanted GF gnocchi you could experiment with making your own using besan (chickpea flour) with the mashed potato. Might be a handy school holiday activity! Once you have your gnocchi (like Mrs Beaton, First catch your trout...) this is super quick to make. A quick saute of favourite summer veg softened up while the gnocchi come to the boil, then toss them all together and shave on some hard cheese - parmesan, pecorino (Sheep's milk cheese i think) or vegan cheese. So the Gnocchi with summer veg can be Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free with some substitutions and a bit of work. (let me know if you want subs for this)

i do like rolled up food... These Bombay Rolls are really yum, and perfect for lunches, picnics and adventures. Gluten free flaky pastry is very straightforward to source and a quick check of some pre-rolled flaky pastry in my freezer suggests store-bought pastry is likely to be dairy free also. The filling is a minced salsa of coriander and mint, with chilli and some oil, then some grated cheese (made a dairy free batch with vegan cheese, and they were good) and some finely chopped red oinon. Roll, slice, brush with beaten egg, bake. Enjoy. These were good with tomato relish, but actually they are very good on their own. the Bombay Rolls are vegetarian, can be dairy and gluten free also. (You know the drill - let me know if you want those subs)

I actually had someone from Goa coming for dinner when i made this Goan Fish Curry (Risky i know!) His Nana's advice - gratefully received - was to have as many different dishes on the table as you have people sitting around it. So curries, raita, chutneys... The Goan Fish Curry got the thumbs up. This is Dairy and Gluten free.

Quinces are in! Here the quinces are treated like a vegetable really - slow cooked with lamb and some middle eastern spices for melting tenderness and loads of flavour. The lamb and quince tagine will do really well in the slow cooker if you have one, or in a clay pot on the back corner of your woodburner if that's going all day anyway... (one of my favourite things about winter cooking).The Tagine is dairy and gluten free.


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