Recipes for the holiday weekend - Happy Easter

Recipes for the holiday weekend - Happy Easter

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the holiday weekend - Happy Easter

Risotto is my go-to fast food, and this time i added some peanut butter for creaminess and protein. The Bean and Tomato risotto would work really well without the peanut butter, for a cleaner fresher flavour - is up to you entirely! The risotto is Vegan, dairy and gluten free.

These potato cakes are very simple - a bit of heat from some jalapeno, cumin and fresh ginger for flavour. The recipe uses Besan (chickpea flour) so will be gluten free. The parathas come with a quick lemon pickle which also has chilli, as well as mustard seeds and garlic. This is a very good time, and works with many things! The chilli in parathas + the chilli in lemon pickle makes for a hot mouthful, but so good... The mashed potato parathas with lemon pickle are Vegan, Dairy and gluten free.

The title for this recipe is Jacket-baked kumara stuffed with stuff... the stuff in question is a tasty combo of fresh corn, capsicum, spring onion, chilli, flatleaf and avo, lemon and some cottage cheese (You could just omit that for a vegan version.). This is so colourful, capturing summer before it heads away over the horizon... This one is Vegan, DF and GF if you omit the cottage cheese. You could sub goats cheese for a vegetarian but dairy free option... (just let me know when you order...)

This is one of those sneaky recipes that has a vegetarian and an omnivore variant in the same week (Using the same photo! Lazy much?! ) This vegetarian version has eggplant, grated kumara, tomato and smoked paprika, and many shredded veg based entirely on what is sitting in your fridge. The eggs on top are optional, which makes this one a vegan possibility as well. Peru Hotpot vegetarian version is dairy and gluten free. Omit the eggs for a vegan version... 

Chicken Shawarma is a great holiday dinner - you pile the cubed chicken into a bowl with spices, garlic, lemon and some oil and leave it there while you go for a family adventure or sit down for a board game (Or a cosy read). Then you gather up some flatbreads, salad bits, maybe some hummus or tahini lemon dressing - maybe some of that zingy lemon pickle! The cooking of the chicken takes less than 10 minutes. Compile. This one is dairy and gluten free.

This photo may look suspiciously familiar... This is the Peru Hotpot omnivore version, and it uses beef mince in place of the eggplant. Otherwise it is same same. The peeled and grated kumara makes for a tender shred for the flavours and tomato-ey juices to soak into... Peru Hotpot is many things, including dairy and gluten free.



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