Food for thought? Mostly for eating though - for the third week of January

Food for thought? Mostly for eating though - for the third week of January

By Rose Newburn

Food for thought? Mostly for eating though - for the third week of January

This all-in-one dish uses red rice, pomegranate, butterbeans fried so they're crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside, and broccoli blanched til it's green and still crunchy. Also a sprinkle of toasted flaked almonds... red rice with butterbeans and pomegranate is Vegan, DF and GF. It has a meat variant later in here...

I can't find the image for the Potato and Broccoli Smash! This is a sad thing - I may need to make it and take photos ... (and then eat it...) Has a great side of whipped feta with yoghurt so it's not Dairy Free sadly, but you could sub a good hummus and then it would be. This is deceptively simple and quick, and so yum. Cook new potatoes in big chunks, when they're nearly done add broccoli florets then drain and air dry for a bit while you sauté some garlic and chilli. Add the potato and broccoli chunks, pack it down into a round and crisp it up. Flip it and crisp it again. There you go. Vegan, Gluten free, and provisionally Dairy free depending on your sauce choices.

radish fig and apple salad

This one will use up the other half of pomegranate after you've made the Red Rice dish...  Has apples, fig and radish, some salad leaf. It's super quick and tasty, and is Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free: Radish, fig and apple salad. 

We will get to the point where new and interesting things to do with courgettes are Very Welcome; at the moment I'm just enjoying them but this is a fun and interesting thing to do with courgettes... The crispy courgette sticks (dipped in panko crumb or crumbed GF bread if needed) are served with a fennel-enhanced hummus which of course you could also use with the potato and broccoli smash... this is vegetarian only (has egg) but is dairy free and can be Gluten free depending on the crumb you use. 

chicken with cardamom rice

There are a few steps in the process for the Chicken with Cardamom rice, but most of the time is hands-free while you gently simmer the chicken and rice to tender deliciousness. This has a distinctly Middle Eastern flavour profile so flavoursome without being spicy hot. This dish is Dairy and Gluten free.

red rice with pork, pomegranate and broccoli

This version of the Red Rice dish has little nuggets of pork mince (extruded from sausages just for fun) and is super tasty. You would need to check the ingredients on the sausages to make sure this is Gluten and Dairy free... Red rice with pork, broccoli and pomegranate. 


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