recipes for the week starting 20th January

recipes for the week starting 20th January

By Rose Newburn

recipes for the week starting 20th January

This noodle salad has edamame beans and avocado, the dressing is lime and honey based with a splash of soy; there's toasted shred coconut and pumpkin seeds... I've used Soba noodles, but narrow rice noodles would work for a GF alternative. The Noodle and edamame salad is vegan, DF and GF with rice noodles...

Can't find a photo of this one I'm sorry - but the stuffed tomatoes with basil and rice are very good. Very simple to make and quite fun to eat - you leave the top slice of tomato with its calix intact so you have a lid with a handle... They're Vegan, DF and GF

spicy kale tabouleh

The spicy kale and puy lentil tabouleh has bulgur and feta as you can see; but this would work just fine with buckwheat groats and soft goat or sheep milk cheese... There's loads of middle eastern flavour with turmeric, cumin and cinnamon; a bit of heat from the fresh chilli (But that's for you to decide!) and it's plenty substantial for dinner; perfect for lunch the next day if there's any left over... This one is Vegetarian, can be DF and GF

I don't know where the files have disappeared to in my computer, but the image for this one is also MIA. Summery green soup has leafy greens, courgette and potato cooked down with vegetable stock and blitzed to a vibrant green puree. The topping of crispy fried Swiss brown mushrooms and wilted spinach lifts it to something a bit special... This one is Vegan, DF and GF


Found a great book of recipes for one at the public library - it's called Solo but don't look for it just yet, it's still at my house...the Potato, courgette and salmon salad comes from there. It's very simple to make this salad - cook the potatoes and some runner beans shredded (If you can source some), drain and cool. Sauté the courgettes, make the honey mustard dressing, and compile: Potato sliced, shredded smoked salmon, (Beans if you have them), the sauted courgettes, and the dressing, with a sprinkle of calendula petals for colour and subtle flavour also... This one is DF and GF

These cute little meatballs have lamb, dried apricots, red onions, fennel seeds and turmeric. You can eat these however you choose of course; they're very versatile and work well as snacks, or tucked in a pita, or with rice or as part of a mezze... The Lamb, apricot and fennel meatballs are DF and GF although the yoghurt and lemon dressing is very good. 



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