Great colours and flavours for the week starting 27th January

Great colours and flavours for the week starting 27th January

By Rose Newburn

Great colours and flavours for the week starting 27th January

We'll start with the charred courgette ribbons and corn, top right... I really like courgette ribbons raw in salad, but this time you sear them in a hot pan, then cool them a little while you pop fresh corn kernels in the same pan, add some cannelini beans, add a little basil pesto and lemon, then plate with the courgette strips artistically arranged on top.  Is a good contrast of flavours and textures... Vegan, DF and GF

Red rice and Mushroom, the one at the bottom of the main photo...  It also has kale crisps and toasted hazelnuts, and dried cranberries. This is substantial and delicious!  Is also Vegan, DF and GF...

Of the three, I think this was my favourite: Orzo with roasted tomato and dukkah. You could use basmati rice as a substitution for the orzo to make this one GF. It's very simple - roasted tomatoes, pasta/ rice, a splash of lemon and some garlic,  add some finely shredded flatleaf parsley and a shake of dukkah over the top to finish. This one is Vegan, DF and GF with the rice sub.

Once again, an absence of photo for the next one! So you'll just have to take my word for it: the tomato and courgette halloumi bake is simple to make, very yum, and quite photogenic... This one is Vegetarian and GF

The Chicken Sofrito looks a bit scrappy. This is because it is so tender it literally falls off the bone... This is a slow cook so it will take an hour and a half with much of that time spent having a cup of tea and reading a bok (or whatever!) There's fried cubed potato and some garlic in here, lemon juice, paprika and turmeric. Serve this with a light salad and you're done! The Chicken Sofrito is DF and GF.

For this you need a milk bottle... or a rolling pin, or possibly a mallet. You want to flatten the pork fillet without smashing the fibres in the meat so it takes a bit of time but is kinda fun. The pork marinades for about an hour once it's been flattened, then seared on each side. Add some sliced courgette to lift up those pan juices and you're done! The flattened pork fillet is DF and GF.


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