Many kinds of winter food - for the week starting 27th May

Many kinds of winter food - for the week starting 27th May

By Rose Newburn

Many kinds of winter food - for the week starting 27th May

Start the way you mean to continue, right? First up is a Parsnip and cashew curry with a spicy-warm green gravy enriched with ground cashews that perfectly complements the sweetness of those parsnips... I find I have a lot of very good parsnip recipes so you'll just get them one after the other while the parsnips are available... this recipe is Vegan, DF and GF

First you roast pumpkin and broccoli, then while that's happening you cook some dried pasta from Artisan Pantry (they make this on-site in Kaikorai Valley Road), then while both those things are happening you make a white sauce with dairy or non-dairy milk - oat mylk would be a good shout I reckon. Then you start again, taking the now roasted pumpkin and mashing it into the sauce, then stirring this through the pasta and adding the broccoli gently, along with some pasta cooking water to loosen it up as needed. Thats it pretty much. I really like recipes that stack inside themselves like this! Pumpkin and broccoli pasta can be Vegan, DF and GF - Artisan Pantry also stock GF pasta so we'll tuck some of that in your box if needed.

This one seems deceptively simple, but the outcome is a great meal that you can tailor to your family choices - cumin-roasted pumpkin with fresh tortilla  - you can add slaw, soft cheese, maybe hummus to add in some extra protein... this one also is Vegan and DF and can be GF if needed (We can send you a blend of chickpea, brown rice and potato flours)

This is another unassuming dinner that packs a load of flavour. Brown lentils and potato, chard and lemon - it's kinda clean-tasting and substantial enough to not need any friends... although you could add some if you wish! Lentil lemon and chard stew is Vegan, DF and GF

I reckon you can make this one in under half an hour. It has all the colours, light and delicious flavours... is an absolute winner... Risotto has always been my reply to fast food!  Risotto with steamed fish is DF and GF

From fast food to Slow Food - lamb shank melted down in the slow cooker with cooking apples and rosemary - the apples mash into a light gravy. I've added a pumpkin mash (you could add in or substitute kumara here) and a broccoli and cauliflower warm salad to round things out nicely. Lamb shank with pumpkin mash and broccoli salad is DF and GF (unless you use butter in the mash...)



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