Recipe ideas for the coming week

Recipe ideas for the coming week

By Locavore NZ Admin

Recipe ideas for the coming week

I thought this might be more useful in choosing recipes for the week ahead. It's not the recipes themselves, just a description of what each one is like.

And pictures. 

The first one (pictured above) is a baked beet bowl. It has loads of veg, walnuts and quinoa. The beetroot and broccoli come from Oamaru Organics. The walnuts come from Roxburgh, the kale comes from Vern Paddock project.

frittata for tea?

The second is a frittata, with kale / cavolo nero and mushrooms. Sadly we don't grow our own mushrooms - we've tried - and we have found some great foraging sites as well, but we're not sharing that info! So I'm sorry, these will be store-bought mushrooms.

Third - tomato and white bean soup with home-made lemon pepper. This is literally a five minute wonder. I usually add a tin of lemon pepper tuna, but if you prefer a vegan version you can skip the tuna and just add the lemon pepper. 

Four - spice-crusted lamb, new potatoes and salad. We had a hogget backstrap, but I'm not sure that will be easy to find at the supermarket. Lamb rump would also work, or a little chunk of beef scotch fillet. The guys at Kakanui Produce planted some Highlander potatoes in January, and they are New Potatoes right now: lovely texture and flavour! There'll be loads of salad bits in the box, you can build your own...

Five - salsa verde chicken and roast veg. Again, this is super simple, and very tasty. Crack open the salsa verde, pour it over the chicken, put it in the oven.... that's pretty much it.  Last yer we grew tomatillos and made salsa verde... this year the slugs ate the baby plants. 

There you go... I'll add more photos!


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