Recipes for the week ahead

Recipes for the week ahead

By Locavore NZ Admin

Recipes for the week ahead

This seemed to work pretty well last week so we'll try it again... a synopsis of the meals for the week ahead at Locavore Boxes....

1] Peru hotpot, pictured above.  This comes in vegan and meatarian versions, handily covering two recipe options in one hit.

It has a substantial vegetable (and possibly meat) stew flavoured with smoked paprika and tomato, maybe some optional chilli. Then when the veg are nearly cooked you gently slide an egg on top and put the lid on, to steam the egg and finish cooking the veg. It's a very comforting meal!

2] Pumpkin soup with Tamari seeds

This is super easy, comes with big hits of ginger and nutmeg; + the tamari seeds are very tasty.

3] Broccoli with watercress and hazelnuts and polenta. We have a lot of broccoli in the kitchen at present and the other day I made an accidental creamy broccoli soup with some leftover polenta and some cooked broccoli. So then we we talking about watercress and I thought...hmmm. Watercress and broccoli. And Polenta. And hazelnuts, because Hazelnuts are very good with brassicas generally and broccoli in particular. 

4] Smoked fish pie.

This is the ultimate family comfort food, so I sent my partner in to the supermarket to get - among other things - smoked fish. He came back with smoked salmon, and actually it worked really well! 

So there you have it - five recipes in four for the week ahead. Whatever else it may bring. 



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