Recipes - 30 May

Recipes - 30 May

By Locavore NZ Admin

Recipes - 30 May

Once again I started with ingredients that I know are around right now - leeks, fennel, artichokes...

First up, there's a Salad of Beetroot, artichoke and pear... a roast veg salad with caramelised pear slices and toasted hazelnuts.... 

This is a Leek, potato and fennel soup: quick, easy and deeply satisfying, the fennel just makes it a bit different...

Palak Paneer - Indian fresh cheese in a spinach gravy. The spinach gravy is one of my favourites - saag gosht (lamb in spinach curry) saag aloo (with potato)... so with this recipe you have a LOT of options and they're all great!

Slow Shepherd's pie -  slow cooked lamb with a crispy potato top. 

This one  is Spanish chicken with butterbeans and chorizo. We left this cooking on top of the wood burner all day... you could do a similar thing with a slow cooker or casserole in the oven for an hour or so.


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