Recipes brought to you by the letter C for the week of the 13th April

Recipes brought to you by the letter C for the week of the 13th April

By Rose Newburn

Recipes brought to you by the letter C for the week of the 13th April

This is not actually starting with a C, but has two "k" sounds - quince, and Koresh. It's an Iranian spiced stew featuring sauteed quince slices, dried plums, turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon (there's that letter again...) It's sweet and tangy (has lemon juice and i added some pomegranate molasses) and i made it with Cannelini beans rather than lamb. It is very tasty! The Quince Koresh (Koresh-e Beh) is also Vegan, dairy and gluten free. 

Adzuki beans are small and lower in carbohydrate than other dried beans like kidney beans or haricot. They also don't need to be soaked the night before which is handy. This adzuki bean curry is packed with aromatics - garlic, ginger, cinnamon, Coriander and cumin; it has a bit of heat - mustard seeds, chilli flakes and fresh chilli (at your discretion), and it has onion, tomato and fresh coriander leaf. A bowl of this and a flatbread and you will be all set - although you may want to add a fresh raita or some pickled veg. The Adzuki bean curry is vegan, dairy and gluten free.

This is very soothing and warming food! Carrot and pumpkin risotto is creamy, gentle and delicious. You can finish it off with a dollop of sour cream or yoghurt - coconut yoghurt would be absolutely fine. The generous grating of nutmeg over the top lifts it to something a bit special... The risotto is  Vegan, dairy and gluten free if you use coconut yoghurt...

The pancakes here are a pretty pale yellow, delicate and crispy! I made a spiced roast corn and capsicum thing to go inside and that worked very nicely - a good contrast of warm flavours from the roasted corn (Cumin and coriander in there, fresh chilli optional) and the crispy pancakes. You can make the roast corn filling and leave it to simmer away and develop flavours while you make and stack up the pancakes, or just make and stuff and consume as you go...The pancakes have egg so the Coconut pancakes with Roasted corn stew are vegetarian, dairy and gluten free.

The shortest rotation we have for recipes is 12 months, and these chicken and sesame burgers are greeted like welcome friends every time... there's a bit of fresh ginger grated in the mix as well, and the dipping sauce is bright, clean and a great companion. The Chicken burgers are dairy and gluten free.

This is so simple it feels like cheating to call it a recipe... In the time it takes for the fresh pasta to cook, you toss some onion, garlic, add some chopped chorizo, courgette, tomato and kale in a pan. Saute til the kale is wilted and miraculously, the pasta will be done at the same time (give or take). Grated parmesan or pecorino over the top - or crumbled goats cheese would also be superb... the Chorizo with fresh pasta and summer veg is not any of the things. Could be dairy free with goats cheese or pecorino actually.... 


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