Recipes for the second week of February

Recipes for the second week of February

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the second week of February

The roasted beetroot and sunflower seed salad takes a bit of time: roasting beetroot doesn't take a lot of effort (just time) and is very worthwhile in terms of flavour development.  The rest of the salad can be compiled and prepped while the beetroot is in the oven... A sprinkle of cubed feta can be replaced by goats cheese, or simply omitted altogether. SO this one can be Vegan but is more likely to be vegetarian, with Dairy free options, and gluten free.

Mograbieh is the Lebanese name for pearl couscous or fregola. Here the mograbieh is mixed with chickpeas, roasted and chopped hazelnuts and a zingy lemon and coriander dressing.It's simple but effective! It's also vegan and DF. Buckwheat groats would work well as a substitute for the mograbieh (But would we then need to call this something different?!) to make it Gluten free as well. 

Bake the potatoes and then scoop out the insides (You could chop those for a salad or fry them for breakfast the next day...) and crisp the skins up in the oven. Make a chunky and satisfying guac, and there you have it. Crispy potato skins with guac are great finger food - the skins work very well for scooping the guac! This one is Vegan, DF and GF

This recipe makes a decent square of Cornbread, chockful of herbs and vegetables. It cuts really well and is very serviceable for lunches and picnics. Also delicious! The Chilli cornbread is vegetarian and that's it I'm sorry. 

Pork and Polenta - once again the photo library fails me! This one uses pork schnitzel so it's super quick - the polenta is also very quick to make. The porkies salted and then braised with summery veg while you make the polenta. This could be done with oat milk or some other very mild flavoured option - pecorino cheese subbed for the parmesan and this one is Dairy free , is also Gluten free

Strips of chicken thigh and batons of courgette, cooked in tomato... the chicken is dredged in chickpea flour and smoked paprika to make it crispy and full of flavour... The chicken and courgette strips are served with fried bread slices but you could do something different if that thought doesn't appeal! The crunch of the fried bread is a good contrast with the tender chicken and courgette - just sayin' . This one is Dairy and Gluten free.


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