Food from around the world for the week starting 17th February...

Food from around the world for the week starting 17th February...

By Rose Newburn

Food from around the world for the week starting 17th February...

The Mapo tofu with brown lentils is a great midweek dinner: only takes half an hour to make, it's substantial and full of flavour. There are sichuan peppers in there - these will leave your mouth a bit numb - and there's garlic, ginger, fermented bean paste, spring onions, rice wine...This meal is Vegan, DF and GF

The flatbread here has chickpeas smashed into it at rolling time, which is a lot of fun. (a bit tricky, but can be hilarious). The chickpeas go crispy on the outside, and the bits in the middle are tender and a bit chewy, is a good time! Also additional protein... the Baharat veg stew is stacked wtih summer veg - red onion, tomatoes, corn, courgette, capsicum, chilli, with some more chickpeas and baharat spices. The flatbread and baharat veg stew is Vegan and DF.  You can sub GF tortilla for the flatbreads to make this one GF.

This one-pot wonder has toasted rice, thyme, and swiss brown mushrooms along with some garlic and stock... thats pretty much it really. It's a very gentle and tasty food - good for tired days! The Toasted rice with mushroom and thyme is Vegan, DF and GF

Chilli corn pikelets? Yes please!! These have sneaky veg in them - corn, courgette, capsicum, chilli - and they're gluten free and dairy free depending on the milk  you use. They do have egg though so vegetarain rather than vegan. There's smoked paprika for big flavour, and if you have coconut oil to cook them in they'll be super crispy. Yum and Yum. So the pikelets are vegetarian, DF and GF.

The chunky salsa here is made with fresh peaches, red onion and avocado ... it's a very good friend for the Jamaican spiced drumsticks! This whole package comes together in about 20 minutes, and you get the fun of peeling the peaches (technique in the recipe, it's really easy.) The Jamaican chicken with peach and avo salsa is dairy and gluten free.

The good news is that the Baked fish with asian greens is sublime! (the bad news is a story for another time...) It's super simple to make and i made enough for dinner and then lunch today... but then i ate it all 'cos it was so delicious and light. Ooops. I used monkfish but any white-fleshed non oily fish will work. This one is also dairy and gluten free. 


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