Two months down, ten to go - recipes for the end of February

Two months down, ten to go - recipes for the end of February

By Rose Newburn

Two months down, ten to go - recipes for the end of February

The Sweetcorn and roasted cherry tomato soup is stacked with flavour, takes about half an hour to make and has almost all of the colours - you will need to add something green... This creamy delicious soup is dairy and gluten free, and is Vegan.

If you thought the corn soup was fast (well, you only think that because i told you so...) this tasty vegan stirfry is even quicker! You can pull this together in 15 minutes, honestly. It's well loaded wtih vegetables - red onion, celery, courgette, chilli, coriander leaf, tomato; and some great flavour additives as well: rice wine vinegar and pomegranate molasses will have your tastebuds singing! Hokkien noodle stirfry is superquick, full of flavour, vegan, DF and only GF if you substitute the hokkien noodles with rice noodles... (This will work fine but might take a bit longer)

Dhal is generally a bit porridgy - this is one of the things that makes it such great comfort food! This dhal is made with puy or french lentils, garlic, cumin, tomato, tahini and lemon, with some red onion slices and fresh coriander leaf on top. It's very satisfying, and great served with flatbread and a crisp salad for contrast, or perhaps a fresh pickle... The French Lentil Dhal is vegan, dairy and gluten free.

Gozleme is great fast food - once the dough is rested for about 20 minutes! This version is stuffed with chard or silverbeet (or spinach) and some feta, bound together with an egg so it's not vegan.  The beauty of a recipe like this is that if you have a bit of courgette or capsicum or fresh sweetcorn or just about anything (Tomatoes might be a bit soggy) you can improvise a filling for gozleme! The flat packets are fun to make, fun to cook so a good option for family cooking experiments. The Gozleme recipe is vegetarian, and can be Dairy free with a simple substitution of goats cheese for the feta. 

This is so simple it seems audacious to call it a recipe! Get a rack of lamb  - if you have a good butcher you can specify how many ribs you want included. Season it well with S & P, then sear it; lightly cook some apricots with some fresh rosemary then bake the rack of lamb with this fresh puree poured over it. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour to roast , depending on how many ribs you have there! The apricot and rosemary melt down into a fabulous zingy gravy/sauce and in the meantime it keeps the meat beautifully moist and tender. Done. Lamb rack with apricot and rosemary is both dairy and gluten free.

This is the week for easy food evidently... was just chatting with my son about how we would sit and watch TV on a Friday evening: Antonio Carluccio, followed by the Secret Gardens of Heligan! (He does not remember, but this is more than 20 years ago so can be forgiven). This recipe came from there i think - Antonio Carluccio rather than Heligan. Good sausages (Pork and fennel is good, or venison), some brown lentils, bayleaf, tomatoes, maybe a glug of red wine... Serve it up with some soft polenta or a mash and perhaps a salad to round it all out nicely. Perfetto! The Italian sausages and lentils are Dairy and Gluten free (Choose your sausages carefully to make sure of the GF)


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