Recipes for the week starting 18th May

Recipes for the week starting 18th May

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the week starting 18th May

The thing i particularly like about this recipe is the way the butterbean skins go flaky and crispy, and the insides get creamy and delicious... the sumac onions and toasted pine nuts are also a good time. Butterbeans with sumac onions are Vegan, dairy and gluten free.

This simple and delicious dish needs friends obviously - a veg stir fry, maybe some rice? These honey and soy tofu sticks work well in wraps for lunch the next day if you have any left... and they only take about 20 minutes to make! They're Vegan, dairy and gluten free also.

Next up is one without a photo, i will get one loaded up as soon as i can, sorry about this. It's a mushroom and buckwheat warm salad with dried plums - toasted buckweat delivers a great nutty flavour and good texture; there's a mix of mushrooms - if you have access to safe wild ones, you could use some of those in hte mix. I dried excess Omega plums earlier in the year, so will pop some of those in for you to use here... This warm salad is Vegan, dairy and gluten free.

Here's another warm salad: Kumara, quinoa and hazelnut - with a small handful of flatleaf added at the end for colour... This only takes half an hour to make and is one of those recipes where the layers of task stack neatly inside each other... we like those. This one is also vegan, dairy and gluten free.

A very simple braise of pork with winter veg (pumpkin or carrot, onion or leek, chard or kale...) with a flavour lift from some lemongrass paste - a new favourite ingredient - minced fresh ginger and garlic, then simmered in veg stock. Here i've put it with the Dauphin potatoes, always a winner. Sometimes i just make these potatoes and eat them on their own... The pork and winter veg braise is dairy and gluten free. (The dauphin potatoes are not dairy free)

Slow cooked lamb shanks with spiced pumpkin mash and broccoli salad is a substantial dinner for a cold day. The salad and pumpkin mash lighten things up and the gravy for the shanks is made by mashing in the cooking apples that have been delivering moisture and flavour to the meat during cooking, so it's not heavy! It is delicious. The shanks can go in the slow cooker while you're out for the day, the rest will only take about 20 minutes to pull together... this one is dairy and gluten free also.



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