And suddenly it's winter! Recipes for May 11th

And suddenly it's winter! Recipes for May 11th

By Rose Newburn

And suddenly it's winter! Recipes for May 11th

The broccoli and chickpea satay is a great midweek dinner - easy flavours, mild heat and a super easy flatbread recipe to go with. Takes about half an hour - maybe a little more if you get small people involved in rolling flatbreads - and covers most of the colours. This one is Vegan and dairy free, you would need to sub in GF flour to make the flatbreads GF obviously.

There are bean sprouts and frozen beans in here, lemongrass, ginger and garlic, coriander, sambal oelek (Hot/salty), curry powder, coconut milk, udon noodles and deepfried tofu... among other things. It seems like a lot, but many of those ingredients go into a curry paste first up!  This is a very good cold weather meal - too substantial to be a soup, too messy to eat with strangers (Just sayin', those noodles flick sauce ...). The Curry Laksa with fried tofu is Vegan, DF and GF if you sub rice noodles for the udon. 

This one is officially a soup. Tunisian Chickpea soup - with some kale shredded in and pumpkin, so you have all the colours in there (+ chickpeas for substance)  and a fabulous Middle Eastern spice blend, strong on flavour rather than heat. The Tunisian Chickpea soup is Vegan, DF and GF. 

This one is a lunchbox special, although you can just make one big one and have it for dinner! These are mini crustless chard and feta quiches; you could sub a soft goat's cheese or sheep's cheese for the feta to make these dairy free and use besan/chickpea flour for GF as well. They are vegetarian rather than vegan, and they are fine to eat cold or warmed through the next day.

I thought this was a great idea - have often struggled with making things torpedo-shaped and getting them to stay whole when cooking! So lamb kibbeh baked in a slab and then cut is my kind of deal...Again, the presentation makes it an easy option for lunches if there's any left after dinner. There might not be. The lamb mince is flavoured up with allspice, cinnamon and pepper; i have just this week received new season's walnuts from Cromwell, so they'll be going into this one too. Is very good. Not GF as it has Burghul wheat in it (Could you sub cornmeal? Possibly... let me know if you'd like to try that) but DF.

The Chicken leek and mushroom is a real winter warmer - serve it with a pile of mash, or rice, or soft polenta or good bread - whatever you like really. The chicken is tossed in seasoned chickpea flour so it's GF as well as DF, and it is delicious. So simple, and very quick - about 20 - 30 minutes and it's all done. 


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