Recipes for Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you...)

Recipes for Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you...)

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you...)

Made these Falafel with dried fava beans and i am not going to lie - the first batch dissolved alarmingly in the hot oil. (this is what recipe testing is about really). Second attempt was much more successful! They are crispy, light and delicious - also Vegan, DF and GF.

The Braised eggplant and bok choi comes with a hefty peanut warning - on the other hand, the sprinkle of nuts at the end is the only peanut inclusion here, so easy to avoid (just replace them with something else - tamari seeds perhaps). This is very quick to make  - only about half an hour and full of flavour. The Eggplant and Bok choi braise is Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free. 

This sturdy soup is also quick to make. Served with some toast it's plenty substantial enough for dinner - tomato, red lentils, paprika and garam masala, garlic, fresh ginger, spring onion and parsley : there's a lot going on in there...The Spicy tomato and Lentil soup is Vegan, dairy and gluten free. There is cayenne, but it's up to you how much (if any) you put in!

This one is NOT dairy free - there's half a cup of cream in there as well as the paneer and the yoghurt to serve. However you could substitute coconut milk and tofu respectively for the cream and paneer. This velvety curry has eggplant and cashews, and a complex and subtle blend of spices for full and rounded flavour. The eggplant and paneer curry is Vegetarian, and Gluten free. Let me know if you would like the vegan/dairy free substitutions...

This potato topped chicken and mushroom pie is super simple to make, and very comforting on a wintry day! Hence the name... chicken and mushroom comfort pie can easily be dairy free (Sub out the milk and butter for the mash) and is gluten free. Also very very good. 

The main event here is actually the Lamb and pumpkin stew at the back, but the warm salad at the front was a very good friend to have along for the ride... The Stew takes a bit of time - about an hour of simmering away to unctuous deliciousness - but it can handle that all by itself, you don't need to hover...(you could make the warm salad!) There are chickpeas in the stew, paprika, allspice and chopped tomato, and there's a dash of pomegranate molasses to give it some tang. Overall it's not a challenging flavour profile, just really yum! The salad has finely sliced fennel, apricots and pistachios. I made it with pearl couscous, but it would equally be great with buckwheat groats. The stew is dairy and gluten free, the salad can easily be DF and GF as well - just let me know if you need the buckwheat!


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