Recipes for the week starting 19th March

Recipes for the week starting 19th March

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the week starting 19th March

This velvety soup is just what we might need as the weather takes an autumnal turn... Kumara and Chard soup. It's very simple, quick to make and very satisfying... Vegan, GF and DF

These courgette Tortilla use almond meal instead of flour and they do fold quite satisfactorily, so you can wrap other tasty things inside them. Although I have to say they are pretty good munched as they are... They have egg and cheese, so vegetarian rather than vegan and GF

More chard in this one, (is what makes the risotto green...) and the addition of apple to the roasted carrot makes the puree extra yum - especially if you use tangy Cox's Orange apples... Green risotto with roasted carrot puree is Vegan, DF and GF (unless you add parmesan but that is entirely up to you...)

Soft-boiled eggs in a curry? Why not! This Malaysian egg curry is fragrant and delicious. It was really quick to make - the curry took less time than the rice...Vegetarian, DF and GF

This very yellow fish chowder has potato and pumpkin and corn (Looks like turmeric is involved, but no!) It's very simple and quick to make and while it looks like a soup it's one of those soups you eat with a fork. My children will tell you most of my soups are best eaten with a fork... DF and GF

These rollups are so much fun to make! You make a simple meat sauce (the recipe uses pork mince but you can use your favourite bolognese sauce recipe), put half the sauce in a baking dish, roll up skinny strips peeled from a courgette and stand them upright in the sauce, then fill up the tubes with more sauce and top with cheese. So kind of like lasagna but lighter and more fun. GF


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