We are HURTLING through May! Recipes for the 21st

We are HURTLING through May! Recipes for the 21st

By Rose Newburn

We are HURTLING through May! Recipes for the 21st

You can now order Tofu through Locavore Boxes - it comes from Jia He Asian Foods, who also sell at the Farmers Market. So I've been trying out different ways to work with it, and came across this recipe for Honey and Soy Tofu sticks. They are quick, and delicious, and apparently quite good in filled buns or rolls the next day, if you have any left... Vegan, DF and GF

This cumin roasted pumpkin comes with Tortilla - put the two together, with some sprout salad (also coming in boxes this week) maybe even the honey and soy tofu... is a very good thing. Vegan, DF and GF

I still haven't figured out how these chickpea fritters are different from falafel...They're very green due to the fresh herbs blitzed into them, and the spicy  tomato puree is a very good friend for them... Vegan, DF and GF

The chard and feta crustless quiche is a lunchbox favourite - picnics, shared meals, dinner at home - they are easy, quick and absolutely delicious! I made them in Texas muffin tins and they are just the right size for a lunch box. Vegetarian, GF

You have probably figured out by now that risotto is my go-to fast food - I could make it faster than I could pick up takeaways so why would I not? This Risotto has fish steamed in as it finishes cooking, so the fish is just cooked, tender, succulent. Mmmm. Is DF and GF

and finally a Pork and kohlrabi Sichuan braise. The Sichuan pepper can create a weird numb/tingling sensation so we'll go light on the spice - the flavour is amazing, zingy citrusy - just be aware that the tingly bit is part of the spice effect! The pork is meltingly tender, and the kohlrabi and Ethiopian kale are soothing, mild flavours to round out the profile. Is very yum. DF and GF...



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