You can never have too many apricots

You can never have too many apricots

By Locavore NZ Admin

You can never have too many apricots

I am testing this theory at present, and have four different kinds of apricots in my kitchen. 

I have Peeka apricots - you can read about these in a previous blog here.  I've bottled those in a fairly doctrinaire way, with minimal sugar and as little cooking time as I could get away with, to keep them whole. Still have a few on hand to enjoy fresh.

I have Sundrop apricots - I can still remember when this was The New Variety! Must be more than 35 years ago now. It's a great standard, and we picked these ones ourselves at Hobbs Family Partnership Orchard on Saturday (you can find out about them here). Again, have bottled these for later enjoyment - mine or someone else's...

Sundrop apricots

I have Tomcot apricots - (autocorrect just tried to tell me these are time-out apricots...) these are off our tree up the hill and I'm very excited! Last year we had one apricot, and this year there are many! I'd go up the hill and gather photographic evidence (and apricots) but it's tipping with thundery rain right now... These are the ones below, with a red blush. They're smaller, but good intense flavour and it's just joyous to think we have them growing right here.  Still just enjoying these one by one, but I might make apricot sauce with some - the waxeyes have been enjoying them also - or perhaps some boutique bottling of apricot with lavender...

And then someone gifted me the tiny ones at the bottom of the photo. These wee guys are meltingly tender and sweet  - don't know the variety but I suspect they're from an older tree. What shall I do with them? Well, I think they are destined for the apricot and date confit; and perhaps some yellow cherry plum and apricot fruit wine... 

So there you go. You really can't have too many apricots. Not yet anyway. 



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