Onion weed bulbs anyone?

Onion weed bulbs anyone?

By Locavore NZ Admin

Onion weed bulbs anyone?

Here's one to add to your foraging lists. We planted a lot of onion weed all over the place because the leaves and flowers are edible, and if we're going to have grassy things growing it might as well be something we can eat. In the summer the onion weed dies down, but we discovered these bulbs under where the plants had been. Are they edible? Are they worthwhile trying? The answer to both is Yes. Unless they are toxic in a VERY SLOW kind of way ... 

The bulbs are about the size and shape of an olive, and they have a tough outer skin. Inside this they are translucent and crisp, one single bulb not layered like an onion. So you could slice them into a salad and enjoy their crisp oniony-ness.

 The interesting thing is what happens when you cook them: instead of mushing down as you might expect from something with that crisp juicy texture, they hold their shape really well. They go opaque, and the flavour is much sweeter once cooked. They're tender but as I said, they hold their shape. 

So long as we leave one or two for next year's propagation, I'm keen to harvest these ! if only I could remember where the clumps were...

If you know of spots where there's a mass of onion weed in winter, have a hunt about just below the surface and try these wee treasures; they're well worth it.

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  • The hard part is NOT growing those.

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