6 out of 6 for both dairy and gluten free - recipes for the 19th August

6 out of 6 for both dairy and gluten free - recipes for the 19th August

By Rose Newburn

6 out of 6 for both dairy and gluten free - recipes for the 19th August

This is a warming traybake of cauliflower, chickpeas and hazelnuts with a Big spice profile (Cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder) and finished off with chopped parsley, avocado and a tahini dressing. 'Nuff said. Also, it's Vegan, df and GF

Here's a twenty minute hotpot wonder: black beans, pumpkin, capsicum, onion and garlic ; a mix of dry mustard, thyme, chilli flakes and some stock. Serve with rice. Done. Blackbean hotpot is Vegan, DF and GF

There has to be a soup, right? This one is light, tangy and delicious. Also quite quick - only half an hour from start to finish. It has cauliflower, potato, broccoli (just a bit) flatleaf and chives, limes and creamed corn... Is very yum. The Corn and Cauliflower soup is also Vegan, DF and GF

This Katsu Tofu is super quick - it only took about 15 minutes! You press and dry the tofu in strips, mix a batter that has paprika and garlic powder, crunch up some cornflakes and salt, and heat some light cooking oil for frying. Then dip, roll, fry... The combo of the crunchy tofu and creamy avocado, and then crunchy tofu with zingy pickled beetroot was Very Good.  Vegan, DF and GF

I sneakily tested this recipe at the Night Shelter one evening - everyone loved it! (I did NOT tell them what was in it.) Venison and blue cheese meatballs have cauliflower to make them light and balanced, oregano, onion, blue cheese all in the meatball mix. Then basically a gravy with some chopped tomatoes... Served with colcannon (a mash with wilted greens mixed through) you have all the colours you need in one easy plateful, and so yum. This one is DF and GF if we sub nutritional yeast for the blue cheese... might also be more accessible this way for younger palates?

Another very simple dinner, and done in the slow cooker so it can be melting away together while you are out for the day... Mongolian Beef is richly flavoured and the beef is meltingly tender (because slow cooker). The beef is dredged in chickpea flour, there's Tamari, garlic and ginger and some water and then a lot of time. So this one also is DF and GF. And easy. And delicious.


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