Another month hurtles by - recipes for the 26th August

Another month hurtles by - recipes for the 26th August

By Rose Newburn

Another month hurtles by - recipes for the 26th August

This week's first recipe is a warm and well-rounded vegetable curry - there are many textures (creamy, soft, crisp) and aromatics (garlic, ginger, coriander, spices)and it all works together to a harmonious whole. Yum. Kashmiri Vegetable curry is vegan, GF and DF if you use non-dairy yoghurt...

Red quinoa is the equivalent of brown rice - more whole grain, take a little longer to cook, nuttier flavour... Here it's paired with roasted kumara and a zingy lime and walnut dressing. Kumara and quinoa with lime is Vegan, DF and GF

I think this is loosely a Tuscan white bean soup - it has cannellini beans, kale, onion, carrot and capsicum, garlic and thyme, parsley, tahini and a bit of harissa, with some lemon to sharpen it up a bit. It's light and sustaining and delicious. Also Vegan, DF and GF (the splash of plain yoghurt is a serving suggestion only...)

Cauliflower and Leek frittata is very simple and a useful midweek meal - pop some potatoes or grain of your choice on to cook (oven bake?) then make the frittata - which also makes use of the oven - and you're pretty much done. The frittata is vegetarian and GF. You can use the mylk of your choice and also non-cows milk cheese and then it would also be DF.

This fish bake uses stock rather than milk for it's sauce, making it a bit lighter. It has leek and mushroom and lemon to brighten it up even further - will take just over half an hour to make so it's handily quick as well! This one is GF  - uses chickpea flour as thickener for the sauce - and DF.

This makes a pork fillet go a long way... Seared pork fillet with charred brassica salad is a "one step at a time" kind of thing: roll the pork in spices, sear the pork, rest the pork. Char the cauliflower, then the broccoli, then toast the hazelnuts in a dry pan. Mix the dressing. Compile the salad, plate, then slice the pork - if need be, sear it a little more to desired level of done. Add slices to plated salad, drizzle with dressing. There you go. Looks a bit flash, tastes delicious, very quick. Also manages to be DF and GF!


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