Stacks of vegetables and a little of meat... recipes for 12th August

Stacks of vegetables and a little of meat... recipes for 12th August

By Rose Newburn

Stacks of vegetables and a little of meat... recipes for 12th August

Smoky and satisfying, this Smoky lentil stew has loads of veg (carrot, celery, onion, garlic) loads of flavour (all of the above + balsamic vinegar, smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne, lemon and veg stock) and red lentils. There you have it really... Vegan DF and GF

Layers of silky potato, a layer of tender chard, and then a crunchy layer of pumpkin seeds and maybe cheese (your call on that one). This is deceptively simple, quick and easy. Potato and Chard gratin is also Vegan, DF and GF.

I have to say, lemon pepper is one of my favourite things to put with cauliflower! It's the magic secret ingredient in this soup, along with potato, onion and garlic (and cauliflower which is not secret at all). Again, this is very simple - only half an hour from start to finish - but it's very comforting! The cauliflower is roasted to give it extra depth of flavour - Roasted Cauliflower soup is Vegan, DF and GF.

Broken eggs is a great brunch dish, but also really handy as a filling quick dinner midweek when you're between school and football/music/insert-activity-here and you KNOW someone needs to eat real food before the next bit... A  fry-up of potato, onion and garlic, some capsicum, you could chuck a sliced chorizo in there if you felt like it, cook those while you find the things you need for the next bit (boots/instrument/?!) then add the eggs on top and cover to cook the eggs through. Done. Eat in the car at your own peril. Broken eggs is vegetarian if you decide against the chorizo, DF and GF.

So I had some chicken and I had some peanuts and I went looking for a recipe... found this one in a book I picked up ages ago full of African food. This Chicken and peanut stew is very good - has all your colours in one dish - just add rice or flatbread or a spoon really. It doesn't take long and it's substantial without being heavy. Aromatics are ginger, bayleaf, peppercorns with as much fresh chilli as you feel like adding. This one is also DF and GF.

And then I went hunting for a pork recipe - we hadn't had a pork recipe in a while... This is Pork chop baked with beetroot and apples - a very user-friendly meal. You do a bit (cook the beetroot first) then you do another bit (mash up a rough paste of garlic, caraway, salt and olive oil and plaster that over the pork, then into the fridge), then you do another bit (chop the apples, cooked beetroot, and onion spread them in a dish with some some oil and paprika) then you sear the pork and pop it on top of the veg that are now roasting in the oven. Is very yum. Also DF and GF.



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