Another short working week -recipes for the last week of April

Another short working week -recipes for the last week of April

By Rose Newburn

Another short working week -recipes for the last week of April

First up we have roast veg with gado gado sauce. This is a tomato-y, peanutty sauce with a hit of chilli - or you could make that a HINT of chilli, depending on your preference! The roasties selection is entirely up to you. This is vegan and GF.

The beetroot won the naming rights to this one but there are a LOT of veg in here: Its a baked Beet bowl, also features broccoli, kale, quinoa, sesame oil, walnuts... is also vegan and GF

This is a Winter Vegetable Tian -  a deceptively simple vegetable bake, with the veg cut thinly and sat upright in a baking dish... stacking them is quite fun, maybe a shared activity for holiday dinner? There's potato, tomato, silverbeet and beetroot standing up, the onion and garlic are melted down and sitting underneath... Vegan and GF

First of the meat recipes is for Chicken burgers with sesame seeds. These are tender, juicy, and delicious! There's a bit of ginger, some garlic, spring onions, the sesame seeds and sesame oil. They're very tasty.

And finally, Maiale al Latte... which sounds much better than its translation -  pork in milk. But trust me, the pork becomes meltingly tender, the milk makes this amazing gravy/sauce and the combo with polenta and maybe a salad or ratatouille is very worthwhile. It's one of those things where you do a little bit, then leave it to cook for as long as you've got - the longer the better - then you eat it and it's amazing. We like those ones.


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