Daylight Saving happened and now we're cooking in sunshine! Recipes for 30th September

Daylight Saving happened and now we're cooking in sunshine! Recipes for 30th September

By Rose Newburn

Daylight Saving happened and now we're cooking in sunshine! Recipes for 30th September

I think this is the first time I've put an omnivore recipe at the top of the page. It is so good! Also, although I don't have a photo, the mushroom version of this is vegan, DF and GF so there you go. Spicy Korean Rice cake stew - with mushrooms, ( or with pork belly cut into little tiny squares...) buttercup pumpkin, garlic, and either onionweed tops or spring onions, and the Korean rice cakes... I used white miso to make the stock, and it has gochujang and gochujaru for great flavour and a bit of heat... Vegan, DF and GF

These spiced butterbeans are a very good time. When sautéed the butterbeans go crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The caramelised onion topping is a great finish, and the herbed rice proves a bit more colour (Mostly green) for the plate! The Crispy Butterbeans with herbed rice are Vegan, DF and GF

This is a rather pretty plate of food - cinnamon spiked and caramelised roast pumpkin chunks, with a sriracha yoghurt mix, coriander pesto and popped pumpkin seeds... It sounds complicated, but those tasks all stack neatly inside each other so the whole thing will take half to three quarters of an hour. This one is not Vegan or DF unless you use coconut yoghurt (Which would also work just fine). So the Cinnamon roasted Pumpkin with sriracha yoghurt is Vegan/Vegetarian, DF or not, and GF!

The choice of parmesan in my pantry was unfortunate! The little straws of parmesan on top of this fregola and chickpea salad look a bit odd, but the salad itself is very good... has broccoli, walnuts, capers, red pepper flakes (Gochujaru) and fregola/pearl couscous in the salad, topped with a fresh herb pesto with a few more walnuts and some lemon... (and garlic and olive oil). This dish is Vegetarian only, but with a couple of substitutions (Buckwheat or brown rice for the fregola, pecorino for the parmesan) it could be DF and GF... Fregola, chickpea ands broccoli salad 

This is the second iteration of the Spicy Korean rice cakes - the one with tiny squares of belly pork.... It was surprisingly straightforward to make and quick, and it travelled well! Took it to a friends place for dinner and it sat uncomplaining in the car and then in the oven while we finally got around to eating. The rice cakes are discs of solid cooked rice puree - smooth like pasta, cooks like pasta. Too many could make this dish a bit heavy so I lightened it up with the pumpkin and heaps of onion weed. Is very good for lunch the next day also! This one is DF and GF

And finally a rather elegant but substantial salmon soup. I found salmon mince at my local fish shop, and then invented this as a way to use it! The soup has leeks, creamed corn, miso for the stock, lemon for some tang and and chopped green olives for briny tender yum... this one is DF and GF and delicious. Also super quick to make...


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