Dinner by the TROGGS

Dinner by the TROGGS

By Rose Newburn

Dinner by the TROGGS

The words I have in my head are " Wild thing! I think I love you..." which is the hook line from the Song "Wild Thing" by the Troggs, released in 1966.

This week we've experimented with eating a couple of things we always knew were edible, but hadn't tried ... Hostas and the early shoots of Solomon seal.

The hosta leaves are quite substantial, and as well as eating the leaves in salads you can roast the bundle of leaves while they are still in a clump, as well as frying up the flowers when they come along. I think it's probably best to just eat the first flush of leaves as they pop through, to give the plant a chance to do its ornamental thing properly after that...

We'd read that the young shoots of Solomon seal taste like asparagus. Sure. 

So we snapped a couple off and guess what? They taste like asparagus. Madness. Again, you're only supposed to harvest the first flush of shoots, and then leave the plant to create its beautiful arching stems of green-white bell-like flowers... They're a shady plant, and when I was growing up they sat in the garden with a cluster of Lily of the Valley growing below them.

These tubers are from a Mashua plant, generously shared with us by a neighbour up the hill - thanks Merrall! They really are high-yielding in marginal soils, just like it says in Wikipedia... They're quite peppery when eaten raw; we'll also try roasting them and see what that turns out like...

So the random planting of things you can supposedly eat seems to be working out at last!




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