Eating your colours this week - second week of May

Eating your colours this week - second week of May

By Rose Newburn

Eating your colours this week - second week of May

This is a great winter salad - loads of colour, crisp, full of flavour, and really quick to make. Water chestnuts contribute to the crisp, and the very lightly cooked broccoflower. The curry powder in the dressing adds warmth ... it's a good time. 

In contrast to all that crisp and heat, this is a very soothing comfort soup - Potato, leek and fennel soup. It's creamy, hearty warming and delicious. Just what you want at this time of year, potentially. 

This is just so colourful... it'll brighten your day! Green risotto with roasted carrot puree - the flavours go really well: the green is from silverbeet, and the earthy beet flavour works really well with the sweetness of the carrot.

This is Slow cooked Spanish chicken with a sort of hash of broccoflower and mushroom. The Chicken is spread with smoked paprika/butter (or not-butter), and cooked on a bed of chorizo, cannelini beans and tomato. The broccoflower and mushroom is also a very good combo. Would recommend...

You can tell it's getting colder, just by looking at the recipes... Slow-cooked lamb shank with pumpkin mash? Yes please! The pumpkin mash is flavoured with freshly-grated nutmeg, and there's a side order of broccoli and cauliflower with walnuts and sesame oil... yum!



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