It's starting to look like a new season on a plate... 2nd week of November

It's starting to look like a new season on a plate... 2nd week of November

By Rose Newburn

It's starting to look like a new season on a plate... 2nd week of November

This deceptively simple plate of food is a Spring pile up of roasties - new potatoes, asparagus, red onions, tomatoes... Super easy to make, very satisfying with the flavours melded together and dribbled over the top. Yum and yum. Vegan, GF and DF

This Chickpea, avocado and cucumber salad takes almost no time to put together  - ten minutes on a slow day - and is substantial enough to be a real meal in minutes. The flavours and textures work really well together, is a crisp cool dinner for warm days. Vegan, GF and DF

And this is another one really - a Quinoa tabouleh with broccoli and tomato. Again, quick to prepare (the quinoa takes about 12 minutes, everything else can happen while that's cooking...), light and delicious. Vegan, GF and DF

I saw some fabulous big portobellos the other day and remembered this recipe - Stuffed Portobellos. So good! A crumble of feta, some garlic, some tomato... the portobello mushrooms are really meaty. Team this with a salad and dinner is sorted! Vegetarian and GF

Yesterday I tried Aromatic poached chicken breast - have never been much of a fan of chicken breast because I've often found it bit dry and lacking in flavour. Not anymore. The poaching takes about 5 minutes - four to put the aromatics together in the pot with the chicken and bring it to a simmer, then one minute simmering. Then you just leave it to cool. You can use this is wraps, salads, platters, sandwiches... The flavour is subtle and very good, texture is great, and not dry AT ALL. Very handy thing to have in the fridge. DF (poached chicken is GF)

Poplettes are little meatballs - such a fun name! These ones can be made with beef or venison mince - maybe even chicken - they're tender and delicious... made with a sauce of tomato and fresh spinach (this week coming from Waewae Permaculture - thanks guys) and served over pasta or polenta (for a cooler day perhaps) or with some good bread (have I mentioned how good Gilberts' spelt loaf is?!) 

These are the bits that went into the Poached chicken wrap... the cress was quite peppery!


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