There's a lot of broccoli this week... 2nd week of November

There's a lot of broccoli this week... 2nd week of November

By Rose Newburn

There's a lot of broccoli this week... 2nd week of November

This is not one of those recipes ... this is Eggplant, hazelnut and herb salad.  It is what it says on the tin... Has eggplant, hazelnuts and ... herbs. Vegan, GF and DF

Time for a risotto, always. Asparagus and lemon risotto? ALWAYS! Risotto is very easy to make, and one of my absolute go-to recipes for making something sustaining and fabulous out of very little. Vegan, GF and DF

This is a pile of Crispy butterbeans on herbed rice. You slow cook the onions to caramelise them, then you fry turmeric and cumin seeds in some butter (or oil), add the butterbeans and leave them to crisp up, tossing them every now and then. Cook some rice, pile chopped herbs through it at the end before serving. There's the whole recipe right there.  The beans are SO GOOD! Vegetarian/Vegan, GF, DF

We have fresh pasta coming from Artisan Pantry in Kaikorai Valley to go with the Broccoli and Poulette sauce. The sauce is light and lemony, thickened with egg - this is not as tricky as it sounds and gives a lovely texture. Vegetarian, DF.

Second broccoli recipe - Poached salmon and noodles with broccoli rice.  The salmon is poached in miso, the noodles are rice vermicelli, and the broccoli is grated... is a very good time. GF, DF

More broccoli, more noodles! But Beef and Broccoli with ramen is such a classic, and there's a reason for that: it tastes great. It takes time to marinade the beef, but once that's done the actual cooking time is very quick, the processes are really straightforward - this is a good one for learner cooks to makes it's hard to get wrong and delivers a very satisfying result... if you use rice vermicelli it's GF, DF


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