I've been reading Italian food... recipes for 23rd January

I've been reading Italian food... recipes for 23rd January

By Rose Newburn

I've been reading Italian food... recipes for 23rd January

To be fair, this Ribbon salad with charred corn was not in the Italian food book I was reading...It has ribbons of carrot and courgette, caramelised red onion and charred corn, and chunks of fresh tomato. Was equally good (maybe even better) sautéed the next day. YUM. Vegan, GF and DF

This Summery Green Soup is simple, with stacks of vegetables tucked in : potato and courgette to make a creamy delicious base, loads of leafy greens for vibrant colour and nutrition, and Swiss brown mushrooms to finish for texture and taste. Vegan, GF and DF

These tomatoes stuffed with herbed rice are really nifty! You spoon out the innards of the tomatoes and puree those with some olive oil, garlic and marjoram, soak the short grain rice in this for about an hour while you're doing something else, then pile the rice into the tomato cases, pop the lid back on and bake for about an hour. The rice cooks in the juices it draws out from the tomato carcass... clever! Also vegan, GF and DF

Potato and Broccoli Smash - is very tasty although I added a bit too much chilli for comfort when I made it! Again, very simple, and very good. Crispy bits and meltingly tender bits... spicy hot bits! Vegan, GF and DF

This is Lamb braised with tomato and courgette... I think the piece of lamb I had - labelled "mini roast" - was in fact a boned out shank, you could also use rump, or any smallish whole chunk of lamb. Marinaded in thyme, olive oil and garlic then seared, then cooked in tomato for about an hour til tender... add courgette about halfway through the braise, and it kind of melts down into the tomato to make a fabulous gravy/sauce. GF and DF

This is a flattened pork fillet - I pounded it with a milk bottle, very gently so as not to smash the fibres - you just want to flatten it out a bit! Marinaded with lemon, rosemary and garlic, seared and then cooked until just done. I put a handful of courgette in the pan with it towards the end because it's that time of year... one of the best things about this is the leftovers, eaten in narrow slices the next day (and the day after if you're really lucky). Sublime. Also GF and DF


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