Many delicious things in recipes this week - 18th February here we come

Many delicious things in recipes this week - 18th February here we come

By Rose Newburn

Many delicious things in recipes this week - 18th February here we come

I was given an encyclopaedic cookbook by the Food Lab guy - dipped into it this week and this week's first recipe will be the first of many many many from this book (the Wok, by Kenji Lopez-Alt)... Spicy Korean tofu is quick and delicious. Comes with a handy tip on how to get your panfried tofu super crispy on the outside without drying it out too much on the inside. I teamed it up with a quick stirfry of summer veg finished with mirin which was a great partner for the spicy tofu! This one is vegan, DF and GF

This is a Vegan Mograbieh - mograbieh is another name for pearl couscous, aka fregola (I think of the options, fregola is my favourite). Can be made with arborio rice to make it GF while maintaining the the texture - arborio has more bite than plain short grain. This dish has bayleaves, Lebanese 7 spice, coriander and lemon for flavour; chickpeas and chopped hazelnuts for substance. It's good for lunches the next day if there's any left... Vegan, DF and can be GF

My go-to dhal recipe uses red lentils, but this one uses Puy lentils, the little blue French ones. It also has fresh tomatoes, coriander, some tahini, spices, garlic, lemon... it's kind of a cross between a dhal and hummus really. Great served with flatbread (if you search this website there's a recipe for bread twists that will make great flat bread... or use the one from last week's Baharat veg stew!), or as part of a wider spread of Middle Eastern dishes - French lentil dhal is Vegan, DF and GF.

These guys are Turkish streetfood - apart from resting the dough for the flatbreads, they only take 20 minutes or so... super simple, but so good. Gozleme are crispy on the outside, tender filling, deeply satisfying altogether. They do have feta and egg in the filling, and they're not GF sadly. Sorry. This one is Vegetarian, and that's all. 

Hard to go past spicy crunchy chicken drumsticks with peach and avocado salsa... especially at this time of year. The spice rub for the chicken is a heady mix of nutmeg, allspice, coriander, paprika, thyme, pepper and salt. The salsa has roughly chopped fresh peach and avocado, with lemon, chilli, coriander and red onion. Thats pretty much it right there. Is so good... this one is DF and GF

If you can find really good sausages - venison, or pork and fennel - this is a thing to do with them...It's been a family fave of ours for about 20 years. There's chopped tomato, brown lentils, a glug of red wine if you're keen, bayleaves, and a bit of time... but actually only about half an hour, which you can use to make some kind of a mash to go with - soft polenta is also great with this one. Italian sausages and lentils is substantial and delicious. Is also DF and GF 


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