No it's not kumara ... it's yacon!

No it's not kumara ... it's yacon!

By Locavore NZ Admin

No it's not kumara ... it's yacon!

This is a tuber from Latin America, and it seems to like it at our place so we have quite a bit of it growing. We dug up a bucketful the other day and I was of course challenged to cook with it! 

It's a sweet crisp refreshing tuber - scrub it, peel it and eat it in slices on a hot day kind of thing to eat. But you harvest it in the middle of winter, where crisp cool and refreshing are less of a motivation... so this week in the recipes I've included a warm yacon salad. Cooking the yacon was really interesting - it roasts up sweet, tender, and still with  a crunch in the texture.  Or you could stir fry it - tried that also, same excellent result.

If you don't like or can't eat fruit but sometimes you'd like something a bit sweet, yacon could be just the thing! (My autocorrect keeps trying to substitute BACON for yacon with hilarious results)

As you can see the tubers look quite a lot like kumara, but the texture is very different.  There's an article here with more info -

The clump of tubers has a small cluster of little tubers at the top that look more like Jerusalem artichokes. Those are the ones you replant to start again. And you will want to - they're very tasty! (I've eaten most of the yacon out of the salad...)



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