Recipes - 20th June

Recipes - 20th June

By Locavore NZ Admin

Recipes - 20th June

I got someone else involved in the food photography this week - you can tell! Beautiful photos thank you A & A...

This is the Tunisian chickpea and kale soup... doesn't sound promising? It really is good - loads of warm spices, depth of flavour, great textural contrasts... Mmmm

Next is a slow cook brown lentil and vegetable curry. You can make this is the slow cooker, or in a clay pot on the woodturner, or in the oven, or on stovetop... It has kumara (or not...) cauliflower, and any other vegetables you happen to have on hand.

This turmeric and kale laksa can be either fish or mushroom-based, so it serves as either vegetarian or not! Handy... warm, creamy, with as much or as little chilli as you feel like adding.

and finally there's  masala roasted chicken and pumpkin - no photo yet, it's still marinading in the fridge. Will post photos soon!



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