Recipes for the first week of December

Recipes for the first week of December

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the first week of December

Brown rice has a lovely nutty flavour and great texture; in this dish it's paired with broccoli and pak choi and a fistful orf aromatics: cloves, cardamom, spring onions, five spice and sesame oil... Super quick to make  and very tasty: Rice with Broccoli and Pak Choi is vegan DF and GF

Given how unpredictable our weather has been, something warming and substantial like this Eggplant and Chickpea Stew might be handy...As well as the eggplant and chickpeas there's tomato, chilli, onion and parsley and Lebanese 7 spice blend to warm things up some more... The yoghurt is mostly decorative, and without it the Stew is vegan, DF and GF

Buckwheat toasted then cooked, broadbeans cooked and the grey skins slipped, walnuts chopped, a handful of radishes quartered and some spring onions finely sliced... dressed with white wine vinegar, sesame oil and some fresh herbs... Buckwheat and broaden salad is Vegan, DF and GF

Pikelets? With Kale and Cheese?! Yup. Kale and cheese pikelets with chilli sour cream. great for lunch or picnic food... Vegetarian, and that's all!

This Phillipine fish soup is light but has plenty of substance for a meal in itself (you could add a handful of rice noodles if you want a bit more body).It has fresh veg (tomato, broccoli, shredded greens) with onion, garlic and ginger to get it started, some fish sauce and lime. It's very refreshing! Is DF and GF.

And finally, there are some chicken sesame balls - great for snacking and lunch, or add to a pile up of finger food and have a feast... The little meatballs have sesame, ginger and garlic.  They are super tasty, a genuine crowd pleaser (even with small people!). They are DF and GF. 



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