Recipes for the second week of January

Recipes for the second week of January

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the second week of January

This week there are a couple of eggplant recipes - one vegetarian and one not. This first one is Eggplant, hazelnut and herb salad. Great textures (meltingly tender eggplant, crunchy nuts) and fresh flavours...

This is Hunza Pie - a combo of red rice, silverbeet, feta and cottage cheese. It's simple to make, very tasty and a bit different! Hunza is a region in the northern part of Pakistan...

The jambalaya can be either vegetarian or not - either way it's great! Fresh corn, oregano, a bit of fresh chilli, loads of other vegetables... very satisfying.

The final recipe is Ma Po Eggplant, which has a spicy pork sauce over grilled wedges of eggplant. Very more-ish.

So there you have it...



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