Recipes for the week beginning 10th July

Recipes for the week beginning 10th July

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the week beginning 10th July

I made myself some pumpkin soup the other day because it's been that kind of weather. It started out pretty standard but went sideways a bit, with loads of ginger, peanut butter, coconut milk... ended up being a very tasty Pumpkin Satay soup; so here it is.

Continuing the theme, this is a warm pumpkin and eggplant salad. It has wilted spinach, sliced garlic shoots, lemon zest and ginger. It was very easy to put together, and it worked really well, so would recommend!

This is a cheats way to have the crispy deliciousness of baked potato without the time requirement... Crushed potatoes with adzuki beans are great winter weather food - uncomplicated flavours and textures, easy to prepare, easy to enjoy!

This also is uncomplicated and very good ... it's a Chicken traybake with loads of roasty veg and the chicken roasted on top so the flavours all cook down together. Mmmm

This started out as a small half fillet of fish left over from the night before...

poached lightly in plain water, broken up into a beaten egg with some chives and parsley, cooked in a frypan. It's become a favourite, loosely called mock whitebait fritter because "small-half-fillet-of-fish-left-over from-the-night-before fritter" is just too long. 


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