Recipes for the week starting 12th February ...

Recipes for the week starting 12th February ...

By Rose Newburn

Recipes for the week starting 12th February ...

I've been told that making gnocchi is very easy, but have to admit I haven't tried it yet! If you want to make your own for this first recipe, go for it! (I've been watching pasta grannies videos on YouTube, very cool) I will also supply some pre-made as a starter for ten... the gnocchi are paired with a simple summer veg combo of tomato, onion, courgette, and corn. Very simple, very quick, very good! I've shaved hard cheese over this, but you could omit to make it DF, and therefore also vegan. Is not GF


This is a North African take on a similar combo of veg - completely different flavour profile! It's called Msa'aa - a slower cook with chickpeas added for extra nutritional oomph - tomato, capsicum, courgette, kumara, onion and Lebanese 7 spice. Vegan, GF and DF

This is a tomato, eggplant and buckwheat bake - I know Kakanui Produce has eggplants growing so I'm making the most of them! The buckwheat gives this bake substance and a nutty kinda crunch. Is very tasty also... Has cheese on top so not DF or Vegan, but Vegetarian and GF

Fourth vegetarian option is still in process for photos!  It's  Crispy Potato skins with chunky guac. It's pretty straightforward but will be very much a crowd pleaser - you could bake potatoes for dinner one night and do extras for crispy potato skins the next day... And then you could experiment with making gnocchi, with the innards of the potatoes you use for the skins! win win win...(You may be a bit over potato by this point however). Vegan, GF and DF

Jerk chicken with peach and avocado salsa!? Absolutely. The peaches from Rosedale Orchard have been so good, and then I found this recipe and I thought oh yes!  Also I like the Russian doll recipe style - you put the chicken in to cook and while that's doing you make the salsa, so the tasks stack neatly inside one another. GF and DF

And finally, a Summer fish chowder: all the usual suspects (potato, courgette, corn, onion, leafy greens), some coconut milk and a sprinkle of chilli, some flaky white fish just cooked at the end. In fact you could leave the fish out, it would still be great... DF and GF













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